Juno™ can produce dozens to hundreds of sample libraries daily for hypothesis-free RNA-seq or targeted DNA NGS.

Automated NGS library preparation for Illumina sequencers and IFC preparation for gene expression, genotyping and digital PCR applications using the Fluidigm Biomark HD.

Biomark X The new benchmark in genomics

Biomark™ X and a portfolio of integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) and reagent kits facilitate a broad range of applications and throughput needs using real-time PCR

C1 System lets you prepare single-cell templates for mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing, epigenetics or miRNA expression.

C1 system carefully isolates single cells into individual reaction chambers in the exclusive Fluidigm  integrated fluidic circuit (IFC).

Innovative products for high throughput single cell research

Droplet Based scRNA-Seq methodology. Using droplet microfluidics, achieves unprecedented access to the transcriptomes of thousands of single cells.  

Automated NGS Library Prep Workstations

 True walkaway library prep with easy-to-use,
proven methods for nearly all sequencing platforms.

NEXTflex® library preparation kits

NEXTflex® library preparation kits are designed to reduce bias and increase the sensitivity, flexibility, and speed of library prep for both Illumina® and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms.

LabChip GX Touch Nucleic Acid Analyzer

DNA and RNA quantitation and sizing can be done in seconds using automated capillary electrophoresis separation.